Robert Taylor Shares How AI Can Improve Your Consulting Business and Help Your Clients Succeed

What is AI Consulting?

Former Public Adjuster, Robert Taylor, Discusses Artificial Intelligence

Deciding How to Use AI

As an AI consultant, your responsibility is to develop suggested use cases for your clients. They may not know how AI can help them, and you can show them how the data they already collected can be parsed and analyzed using AI engines. They may be able to receive special business insights that were impossible to receive in any other way.

Suggested Uses of AI

The following are suggested uses for AI that may help you decide which courses of action to pursue with your clients:

Inventory Management

When applied to inventory data, AI can be a huge help in managing raw materials, stock on hand, and deciding where to concentrate a company’s inventory. AI can help companies decide how many raw materials to order, based on the typical patterns of how their business works and adapting to changing conditions.


AI is beginning to make a major impact in the healthcare field. AI can be used to analyze patients’ medical records and find trends that may point to staffing changes and administrative workflow changes. AI can analyze patient imaging scans, pointing out potential problems that a clinician may miss when analyzing them “by hand.” The technology can also help with patient monitoring and medical device automation.


Robert Taylor from Sanger, California, Explains Retail AI

Tech Companies

So far, AI has been used most frequently by tech companies that already have some expertise in managing large and complex computing systems. AI helps with automating repetitive operations, natural language processing, OCR and document scanning, voice data, and image processing, among many other applications.

Taking AI To the Next Level

As a consultant, AI can help your business because it can assist you with analyzing your clients’ data and making their operations more efficient. If you can come in with a robust AI solution to a company’s problems, you can save them time, effort, and money. They will most likely need to hire experts in AI, but you can help make sure that they are up to speed in every aspect of using the technology.

Training Yourself to Work with AI

You may be confused about where to obtain the expertise you need to work with AI programs and explore their capabilities. In this case, on-the-job training will need to be supplemented by some kind of classroom training, since the technology is so complex.

Making Your Business More Successful

If you work with companies that can use AI in their course of business, it pays to make sure that you know how to implement AI systems and help companies decide how to use this new method of data analysis. No matter which industry you are involved with, it is likely that artificial intelligence technologies can help your clients do more with their data.

Encouraging AI Investment

As a consultant, you can encourage your clients to invest in AI systems. Former public adjuster, Robert Taylor believes that AI is the wave of the future and that companies that do not engage in AI are missing out on a major opportunity to leverage the data they already collect in their regular operations. As a consultant, you will be able to encourage the use of this novel technology.



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Robert K Taylor

Robert K Taylor

Robert K Taylor is a former public adjuster turned consultant from Sanger, California